Homeowner Associations

The Villebois Community is made up of multiple homeowner associations. You can reach an individual association by clicking on its name below or from the navigation menu above.Villebois_All Map_4

Arbor Villebois HOA
Brookeside Terrace HOA
Calais at Villebois HOA
Grande Pointe HOA
Legend HOA
Polygon at Villebois HOA
Retheford Meadows HOA
Seville Rowhomes Owners Association
Tonquin Meadows HOA
Tonquin Woods at Villebois HOA
Tonquin Woods II HOA
Villebois Village Center HOA

The Villebois Community Center Association (VCCA) oversees the Villebois Community Center which serves a portion of the Villebois Community. It has Board representation from Arbor Villebois Owners Association (AVOA), Polygon at Villebois HOA and Tonquin Woods at Villebois HOA.
Villebois Community Center Association

The Villebois Events Committee (VEC) is a grass-roots independent committee that serves the greater Villebois Community and is not directly associated with any HOA or other committees. This group of volunteers organizes and encourages participation in neighborhood events to strengthen social interaction, facilitate open communication, promote a strong sense of community and create a fun, safe and welcome environment for all residents.
Villebois Events Committee (Community-wide)