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Community Map

Arbor Villebois is a 355 unit community (254 single family homes, and 91 townhomes) within the larger Villebois community located in Wilsonville, Oregon. Nestled between Portland and Salem, it’s situated to make the most of what Portland and Salem offer while still retaining a close-knit, small town feel.

All homeowners in Arbor Villebois belong to the Arbor Villebois Owners Association (AVOA). In addition, the 91 townhomes are also members of the Townhomes at Arbor Villebois Owners Association (TAVOA). These two associations govern the Arbor Villebois community and its common areas, as delineated by the community’s governing documents.

The AVOA has hired Community Management, Inc. to manage the property on behalf of the AVOA. (See the Contacts page for more information.)

The AVOA relies on volunteer committees to support the Board and our community. (See the Committees page for more information). If you are interested in serving on a committee, email .