2018 AVOA Compliance Audit Notice

Hello Arbor Villebois Owners,

The month of April is quickly approaching and with that will come our compliance audit of 2018.

I am letting everyone know in advance the compliance committee would like to take a positive approach to this year’s audit.

This audit although conducted by volunteers also involves our management company CMI. We have to pay CMI to conduct this audit and then write the follow up letters to owners. Last year (2017) we wrote 120 letters to owners which was costly.

This year we would like all owners to let CMI know in advance of the April audit, the work you plan on doing and when it will be completed.

This audit will include the following:

  • Exterior painting (front, sides & back) including trim, shutters and gutters, rod iron fences.
  • Moss control on roof/gutters (front, sides & back)
  • Moss control front patios, brick/stone fences and sidewalk/steps.
  • Screen & window repairs or replacement
  • Side/backyard fences repair, stain or replacement.
  • Back/side yard hedge/tree above the fence line.
  • Debris allowed to accumulate on the property (trash cans, ladders, garden equipment, stacked planting pots, etc. left on driveways, front porches or leaned against the house).

Compliance committee members will be walking in the common areas between the homes. So, if you see a team of neighbors walking the neighborhood with clip boards in their hands and looking at your home, that’s who it is — the Compliance Team.

We look forward to hearing from you

Thank you,

Tom Vaughn

Arbor President

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