Arbor Villebois Owners Association

The Arbor Villebois Owners Association (AVOA) is the master association and is responsible for the whole Arbor Villebois community – Detached homes and Townhomes.

The AVOA is governed by a Board of Directors (BOD) who are volunteers from the community. The term for serving on the BOD is 2 years. Elections are held every November.

Community Management, Inc. (CMI) stores a copy of all the AVOA Board Meeting Minutes, Financial Budgets, and other governing documents on their website on behalf of the AVOA. They have the complete historical repository. The AVOA encourages members to set up an account at CMI, if you have not already done so, to access these documents. (See the Contacts page for more information.)

Copies of recent Board Meeting Minutes and Governing Documents are available below for your convenience.

Governing Documents

Board Resolutions

Useful Reference Documents
Landscape Maintenance Frequency
External Paint Color Palettes
Approved Fence Stain Products
Villebois Architectural Pattern Book
Approved Plants List (Best for printing!)
Approved Plant List (Rotated – Best for online viewing!)

Recent Board Meeting Minutes



* All board meeting minutes must be approved by the board. This will usually take place at the next board meeting.  Those marked as draft haven’t been approved.