If you are interested in volunteering for, participating in, or providing a suggestion for one of the following committees, please contact Karina Haley at Community Management, Inc. or come to one of the monthly AVOA/TAVOA Board Meetings.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) – Review and approval by this committee is required before a homeowner begins work on any exterior home improvement.  This includes backyard renovations and satellite dishes. You can mail, fax, or email the completed application along with any additional items.
See below for a list of approved external paint palettes and fence stain colors.
External Paint Color Palettes
Fence Stain Colors
Approved Fence Stain Products

Bioswale Committee – Oversees the three bioswale areas to keep in compliance with city mandates (see the AVOA Community Boundaries map).

Communication Committee – The mission of the Communication Committee for the AVOA is to enable the Board to have effective communication with the homeowners and other residents of the Arbor Villebois community.
Communication Committee Charter

Financial Review Committee – Reviews the monthly financial statements and invoices to ensure that they are accurate. Helps plan the annual budget.

Landscape Committee – Assists the Board of Directors in the management and maintenance decisions concerning landscaping surrounding the homes and townhomes and open spaces in the Arbor Villebois community. Landscape requests and concerns are submitted to CMI, our current management company.
Landscape Committee Charter
See below for a list of approved and prohibited plants.
Approved Plants List (Best for printing!)
Approved Plant List (Rotated – Best for online viewing!)

Our current landscape service provider is Showplace Landscape Services. They have supplied the following documents identifying products that they use.
46-0-0 Urea Fertilizer
Moss Melt Concentrate
Brandt Ferrous Sulfate Crystal