July 2017 President’s Letter

We are well into the great summer months now with over 23 days of no rain. With that and the summer vacations it seems to quiet down considerably as far as the HOA goes. This information will be short and sweet this month but just as important so please do take a minute to find out what is happening in your Arbor neighborhood.

Upcoming events for Villebois owners:
Landscape planning meeting Tuesday, July 11th at 5:00pm at the community center
VCCA board meeting is Tuesday, July 18th at 6:30pm at the community center
AVOA board meeting is Monday, July 24th at 6:30pm at the community center

Special note to Owners in regard to the VCCA pool:
With summer here the pool and recreation center are in full-blown mode. The VCCA board has made changes to the policy this year. Now we all know that change is sometimes hard to take. We get in a rhythm that we like and then suddenly it changes. As AVOA owners we need to respect the decisions that this volunteer board has made and adapt to them so we can all enjoy this area.

The biggest change for all owners this year is the development of a food court area. This is where the board would like all food and snack items to be eaten. The reason: it will keep the pool deck clean and food-free for all guests.

The other change has to do with large floatables that our kids like to use. The board has decided, from a safety standpoint, that only small floatables are acceptable this year. We may not like this decision but it is our responsibility to follow the rules put in place.

Pool Monitors were hired this year after a lot of effort by the VCCA board to improve on last year. These monitors have been trained and unlike past years are supervised. They have been given the task to enforce the rules like, no food on the deck, no running on the pool deck, no diving in the pool and no cannon ball dives. If approached by a monitor please treat them with respect as they are only doing their job to keep everyone safe.

A new item this week is an evaluation form that all owners can fill out. This is a great way to get feedback to the board no matter if the comment is positive or negative. Take a couple of minutes to let the VCCA know how they are doing.

Thanks for helping keep our community center a fun and enjoyable place to visit.

The board in June completed the following actions

  1. Approved a motion to add special circumstances to the Enforcement Resolution Schedule of fine assessment enforcement with larger fines being charged for a special circumstance.
  2. Approved a revised Schedule of fine assessment addressing special fine assessment of $750 for each time an owner rents their home for less than thirty days minimum as required by our declarations
  3. Initiated research for safety regulation of open fires within covered spaces.
  4. The board reviewed the newly adopted compliance charter.

As shared in the June letter, the board is organizing a large focus group to work on a long-term landscape management plan for the Arbor community. This focus group will meet again this week on Tuesday, July 11th in the community center at 5:00pm. All homeowners are welcome to attend. Our target points this month are what can we accomplish in year one of the five-year plan and what will be the cost associated with that. We need to stop just putting out fires and concentrate on sustainable landscape management.

A long-range vision for maturing community landscape will ultimately guide our day-to-day maintenance, as well as on going restoration and improvement. The goal of course is restoration and advancement of the Arbor excellence that has been the foundation for Villebois village acclaim. The output of this focus group will guide us over a period of years to our goal. We will succeed in large part based proportionally upon engagement and support by all Arbor homeowners.

The ARC committee approved 7 projects in the month of June. Any type of work done to your home exterior should go to the ARC for review and approval. We have really worked on the turn-around time of these requests and try to get approval within a couple weeks or sooner, through electronic communication among committee members.

I’m happy to announce that the new chair for the communication committee is Cathy Schwab. They do their best to keep the our Villebois web page information current for our owners.

The Compliance Support Committee drafted a charter last month. This group was established 3 months ago to assist the board on concerns and complaints submitted to CMI.

The Welcoming Committee is hard at work delivering the welcome packet to all new owners.

The Finance Committee is hard at work this summer as we prepare the annual 2018 budget. This committee will meet on July 25th and hopes to have a first edition budget out for review.

Please come to the Board meeting on Monday, July 24th. We take care of business, but we also have fun at the same time. We would love to have you join us.

See everyone on the 24th at 6:30pm community center main room.


Tom Vaughn, AVOA President

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