Landscape Activity Picks Up in March and April

With the arrival of spring, AVOA homeowners can expect to see an increase in landscaping activities around the neighborhood:

Crane Fly/Moss Control Spraying is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, March 23 and 24. Please be advised that the product label reminds people — and their pets — to stay off the turf until dry.

Trimming of the “Pre-Villebois” trees (the larger trees in our community) will take place this spring.

Spring planting of replacement bushes and trees, requested by homeowners and approved by the Board, is being completed.

Homeowners may still request replacement plants if they see bushes and trees failing to bloom this spring and summer. To make a report, homeowners can fill out the form. Either go to the HOA website ( and select the Landscape Form menu item or if you have signed up for access to the AVOA portion of the CMI site, log on. These additional requests will be reviewed over the summer months and, if approved, scheduled for the fall planting season.

Application of bark dust will take place again this year. Yay!

Sprinklers are currently being checked out and the water meters turned back on. We will begin our watering season with the “normal schedule” — 2 to 3 times a week. Throughout the summer we will be altering the water usage, depending on weather conditions, as watering lawns is a very large expense for the association and, therefore, needs to be carefully monitored.

Happy Spring!

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