May 2017 President’s Letter

Well they say with April showers come May flowers. That may not be true this year, as we have had a rugged winter of rain and cold weather. But being an optimist I know warm sunny weather is just around the corner. And we have hit the ground running.

The AVOA conducted the first compliance walk through of the year
On Wednesday April 19th a typical winter day of 55 and rain, but the crew was able to make their way around the neighborhood and take a look at the conditions. One positive item noted during the walk through was the great condition most all the fences, even after a rough winter. Fences were an issue in 2016 and homeowners have stepped up and made the fences look great again. Letters were sent to 86 homeowners for exterior items that need to be addressed between now and August.

During the April board meeting the board approved the following items
1. Approved 4 representatives to the VCCA (rec. center) board: Victor Buccieri, Julie Daily, Ruth McClurg and Tom Vaughn. They will all serve a one-year term.
2. Approved appointment of Victor Buccieri to the unexpired vacant AVOA board position of Patricia Zimmerman ending November 2017
3. Approved Tom Vaughn to assume the vacated President position
4. Approved John Merrick to assume the vacated Vice President position
5. Approved a revised Exhibit “A” Schedule of Fine Assessments for the Enforcement Resolution.

Attendance at this board meeting was through the roof. Thank you to all that attended. That is the way it should be. Again if you have not attended a board meeting, this month would be a good time to start. You might even get motivated to join a committee and be involved in what is happening.

During the month of April the Landscape committee completed
Led by Joe Sharpsteen, the landscape group has been very active even in the bad weather.
Work is being done to clean up the traffic circle on Barber and Costa Circle. Removal of old trees and addition of new trees. Two dying trees on Grenoble St have been removed and replaced with new trees. They also looked into some dying grass issues on Lausanne St. A plan is being put in place to address this. This committee works hard in conjunction with the board to keep our neighborhood looking ship shape.
The results of the landscape opt out survey were shared with the board by CMI. Nineteen owners opted out of common maintenance for pruning and nine owners opted out for pest and weed spraying. This means they will do their own maintenance.
To further our effort to enhance our quality of landscape maintenance, Tim Crowley owner of Crowley landscape will be attending our May 24th board meeting to give the board and owners “a state of the landscape” speech. I invite all homeowners who have landscape concerns that they would like Crowley to address, to send those questions or concerns into CMI. Those will be tallied and then sent to Crowley. This presentation will entertain no questions or comments from the owners or Board, due to time restraints, which is why it is important for you to send your questions or concerns into CMI by Wednesday May 17th.

During the month of April the ARC committee completed
Led by Dan Vasquez approved 4 backyard re-designs and 2 house painting requests in the month of April. This is really important for all homeowners to understand. Any type of work done to your home exterior should go to the ARC group to review and approve. We have really worked on the turn-around time of these requests and try to get approval within a couple weeks or sooner, through electronic communication among committee members.

During the month of April the Communications committee
Completed a new org chart that is now on the CMI websites for both the AVOA and TAVOA. It is a quick reference for owners to the boards and committees information.
Just remember that any type of request is best to go through CMI, not a board or committee member. They track everything for the board and assure the quickest response.

During the month of April the Compliance committee
Led by Jane Rossi approved a revised Schedule of Fine Assessments to go with the new Enforcement Resolution passed in February. This revision further defines the schedule and how it works.

During the month of April our Committees added
I am happy to announce new members to our committees. If you recall I asked in my last letter for more involvement from owners. The following owners joined committees in April: Everett Lapp, Jeanne Lapp, Beverly Hawley, Chereen Ebner. In May Scott Deveau joined a committee. Thank you to all for volunteering your precious time to help our community.

Our community will continue to grow as more owners continue to volunteer. We are still 9 short of the goal of 14 additional committee members. Help us reach that goal before June 1st by volunteering to help out.

Please come to the Board meeting on Wednesday, May 24th. We take care of business, but we also have fun at the same time. We would love to have you join us.
See everyone on the 24th at 6:30pm

Tom Vaughn, AVOA President

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