October 2019 Presidents Letter


Hello Arbor Villebois Homeowners,

I wanted to take a minute to bring you up to date on some timely matters that our HOA will face in the coming month. In November two very important items will be addressed. Most importantly members will be voting on various proposed changes to the Declarations and Bylaws, and secondly, we will be voting to fill expiring positions for three board members.
As you may know, to amend declarations, it takes 75% of the 353 membership votes to change the declarations. There are some important proposed changes and all owners should plan to be involved in the voting process. Because the process is so involved, we are proposing several changes at the same time to be on the November owners meeting ballot along with the board elections.
One proposed Declaration change is around alarm company and “no solicitation” signs that recently garnered a lot of attention in the community. The Declaration currently contains very strict prohibitions against these types of signage. In order to allow these signs, it is imperative that we meet the 75% threshold of membership votes to pass the change to the declarations at the Owners’ Meeting. If this change doesn’t pass, it will result in the need for homeowners to remove these signs. This is just one of the proposed changes. Other proposed changes include Declarations related to visibility and storage of recreational equipment, as well as other “housekeeping” updates to the Declarations, which are now 12 years old. There will be additional communication from CMI on proposed changes that will be voted on individually as a part of the Owners’ Meeting, as well as different ways members will be able to vote for the proposed changes.
In addition to the three board seat terms that are expiring, we are also faced with declining committee volunteers. Currently we need volunteers for Compliance, Welcome, Communications, and Finance committees. Having an adequate number of volunteers for these committees, enables us to respond to issues in a timely fashion, helps reduce costs, is a great way to meet neighbors, and it can be fun seeing that you are part of the solutions to HOA issues. Most committees and board positions require only an hour or so per month for meetings.
I am asking for anyone interested in the three Board positions and at least two volunteers to fill each open committee position. If interested, please contact Karina at CMI. Much of the work is completed electronically because we recognize that everyone has busy schedules. If interested in a Board position, please also submit a resume when sending in your contact information.
Thanks everyone,
Tom Vaughn
AVOA Board President

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