Planning to Make Architectural Changes?

Please be reminded that if you have plans to make any architectural changes to your Lot, you must submit your requests in writing to the Architectural Review Committee prior to beginning your projects by using the appropriate form.  Architectural changes are defined in the CC&Rs as addition of or changes to the following:

  • Fences (including re-staining, if alterations to color)
  • Exterior remodeling (including repainting, if alterations to color)
  • Roof type or roof color
  • Walls
  • Driveways
  • Greenhouses
  • Swimming pools
  • Storage units/shelters (e.g., gazebos)
  • Storage for a boat and/or camping trailer
  • Satellite dishes
  • Mailbox and newspaper receptacles
  • Landscaping (including hedges, structures, walls, or retaining walls)
  • Exterior lighting
  • Air conditioning compressor locations
  • Drainage patterns, grades, slopes, or courses
  • Any improvement adjacent to or abutting a Retaining Wall (on the property or not)
  • Other products of construction efforts

The Architectural Review Application Form is available on the CMI web portal at, as well as the site.  The form is also attached to this email for your convenience.

All approvals made by the Architectural Review Committee are good for one year.  If the approval expires, re-approval is needed prior to work continuing.

If you are planning to paint or re-stain this year, Sherwin Williams in Wilsonville is offering a 40% off sales four times this year.  Those times are:

  • April 17 – 20
  • June 5 – 8
  • July 18 – 20
  • September 18 – 21

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