To All Homeowners of Townhomes at Arbor Villebois:

The Board of Directors of the Townhomes at Arbor Villebois Owners Association previously reported to you in early July 2013 that Alliance Forensic Building Consultants would be on site performing an exploratory inspection of exterior siding components on select townhomes in July 2013. Workers were inspecting the exterior building envelop of our townhomes from ladders, on roofs and around windows during that work.

The work described above was a second, more detailed inspection following the building envelope visual inspection done in March 2013. That visual inspection raised concerns regarding the weather resistance of the siding, caulking and flashing of the older townhomes, particularly in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Arbor Villebois. Generally, those townhomes built in 2009 and later, were built with more care in addressing weather resistant issues. Generally, those townhomes built before 2009 were apparently built with a different level of attention to the details of weather resistant issues.

Alliance Forensic Building Consultants have prepared and submitted two written reports of their findings. They will be attending the Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday August 20th to discuss their reports and findings.

The Board of Directors encourages all homeowners of Townhomes at Arbor Villebois to attend this meeting on August 20th at 6:30 PM in order to understand the issues with our townhomes.

The TAVOA Board will be beginning the process to determine our next steps and methods of addressing these findings based upon the additional inspection work that was done in July.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Community Manager, Lorie Jaraba, via the following email or phone number: or 503-718-5253. For more information on the townhomes, please ask Lorie Jaraba to add your email address to her townhome email distribution list.

Thank you,

Townhomes at Arbor Villebois Owners Association (TAVOA) Board of Directors

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