HOA Presidents Form Council to Confer on Villebois-wide Issues




To provide HOA Presidents an opportunity to share lessons learned regarding running HOAs in Villebois.

To create a forum whereby HOA Presidents are able to discuss Villebois-wide issues raised by, and of concern to, their homeowners.

To develop recommended neighborhood-wide solutions via consensus.

To present a unified voice to the City of Wilsonville, and other authorities, on Villebois-wide matters whenever the HOAs reach consensus.

To give the City of Wilsonville, and other authorities, a legitimate avenue for interacting with a group of elected homeowner representatives (i.e., the HOA presidents) where Villebois-wide issues are concerned.




TIME – 7:00 PM

Attendance: Donna Barrett, Tonquin Woods HOA; Art Henderlong, Seville Rowhomes Owners Association; Sam Scull, Legend HOA; Rob Sheirborn, Retheford HOA; Patricia Zimmerman, Arbor Villebois HOA.



Patricia Zimmerman asked group to send to her full contact information:

— For sharing with other presidents.

— For creating Council membership roster.


Presidents were asked to check the boundaries of their HOA against the map provided:

— To be sure boundaries are accurate.

— So that Webmaster can put HOA maps online.


Presidents were asked to look at data on their web page at ourvillebois.com to:

— Make sure contact information to management companies is accurate.

— Consider adding fuller write-ups describing their HOAs.

— Consider adding their CC&Rs, Bylaws and Minutes of Board meetings for homeowners to access easily.

Presidents to send information for web pages to Patricia Zimmerman who will work with web master to get information online.

Group agreed that:

— We should get in touch with Andy Green who owns  “villebois.com

— We should talk to him about relinquishing this domain to the greater community.

— Group was asked for volunteers to meet with Andy.


Sherry Cox and Bob Walliker of Arbor Villebois HOA discussed the benefits of using the “V” sign created by neighbor Jim Anderson in insets at the perimeters of the community.

— Stressed that the “V” is more meaningful and more elegant than the “squiggly” street scene used by original developer on some temporary signs.

— Wilsonville City Planner has said to “go ahead.”

— Cost is approximately $200 per inset.

— Polygon has agreed to use the “V” signs at their entrances.

Presidents agreed in general to use the “V” at the perimeters.

Legend and Retheford presidents:

— Will check out the entrance in their areas.

— Will talk to their boards about signage, potential costs and timing.

— Don’t consider it a priority at the moment given other items for their Boards.

— Once signs have been completed at other spots, will revisit with their boards.



Patricia handed out a brochure from ODOT on “setting speeds.”

In the absence of posted speed limits, Oregon state law gives motorists the following designated speeds:

15 mph in alleys, narrow residential streets;

20 mph in business districts, school zones;

25 mph in residential districts, public parks ocean shores;

55 mph on open and rural highways, trucks on interstate h-ways65 mph for autos on interstate highways.

— Online version of brochure is at www.oregon.gov/odot/hwy/traffic-roadway/ speed_zone_program.shtml

Group noted and discussed:

— The continuing problem of people still speeding through the neighborhood.

— The observation by the City that, as the number of houses grows and cars increase, they expect the traffic will automatically slow down.

Group decided to contact City and ask about:

— Schedule for when “rolling speed reminders” will be in Villebois.

— Cost for installing blinking lights around speed signs when driver is

approaching too fast.

— If they would send traffic police here to catch speeders. Once we have the city start ticketing, the word would get out and people will automatically slow down.

— Patricia Zimmerman will follow up with City and Police.


Everyone agreed that parking is a big problem in all areas of Villebois.

— Too many cars and not enough people using garages for parking.

— Some garages are being turned into “man caves” and other rec rooms.

Most HOA CC&Rs state that garages will be used:

— Primarily for parking of vehicles, and

— Only secondarily for storage and other purposes.

Presidents agreed that:

— We should encourage garage usage for parking to eliminate at least

one car per household from street parking.

— Have discussion with homeowners about how to enforce: write letterto homeowner and remind them of this CC&R.

Arbor Villebois management company has collected examples of other HOA resolutions on parking. Patricia will share with group.

Tonquin Woods HOA is doing a survey of their homeowners to ask their opinion about how to “resolve” parking issues.

Patricia passed out an article discussing State Law ORS 811 that states:

— No HOA can tow away a car or fine a homeowner whose car is legally parked according the City ordinances.

— Patricia will inquire with City to get better clarification about ORS 811 and what HOAs can do to restrict parking on the streets.



Arbor Villebois HOA plans to hold a safety meeting the end of April on group homes and will invite entire community.

— Panel to include Chief of police, representative from Clackamas County who is responsible for mental health facilities in Villebois, representatives from the three facilities in Arbor Villebois HOA.

— Purpose is to inform community about these facilities, their history, rules for residents, etc., and what the neighbors need to know to feel safe and what to do in case of suspicious or aggressive behavior.

Smaller meetings with nearby neighbors will take place before this major meeting.


Arbor Villebois HOA and Tonquin Woods HOA have started Neighborhood Watch programs and are willing to work with other HOAs to get groups started in their areas.



Villebois Events Committee is looking for new participants to help plan community-wide events.

Legend HOA has some individuals interested in helping.

More information about group and contacts can be found at myvillebois.com


Landscape issues

— Group discussed landscape companies they have — Northwest, Willamette, Showplace.

— Wondered if there might be economies of scale if all HOAs hired the same company.

— As Arbor Villebois HOA is going out for bids they will discuss this with their landscape committee and report back to group.

Maintaining exteriors according to CC&Rs

— Seville Rowhouses are very diligent about caring for the facade of the building they share. Their HOA is responsible for the exterior of the building.

— Arbor Villebois HOA will be sending letters to homeowners about staining exterior fences and will follow up with warnings and fines — enforcements measures, which have never happened in the past which is why we have 45 fences that need attention.

— Communicating with renters

Group was reminded that we as HOAs:

—Do not have the right (as we do not have a contract with renters) to communicate directly with renters.

— Need to go through the homeowner to get to renter.

— Homeowners often ignore problems caused by their renters.

— Best course of action is sending letters (according to the CC&Rs, issuing fines and following procedures to put lien on house.

Communicating on Villebois Hood Facebook.

Group concurred that:

— It’s not a good idea to use “Villebois Hood Facebook” page to get into a dialog with individuals.

— But can “set the record straight” if misinformation is part of message.

— Should send “disgruntled” homeowner to their website page and/or provide information about management company who can receive and act on complaint.

Group agreed to meet quarterly.

Meeting Adjourned.


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