Tonquin Woods at Villebois HOA

Tonquin Woods Boundaries

The Tonquin Woods at Villebois HOA currently has a website maintained by their management company. The contact information and links are below.

Tonquin Woods at Villebois HOA (maintained by Pinnacle)

Michael Del Gaiso
Regional Property Manager, Association Division Pinnacle

Pinnacle, An American Management Services Company
Pinnacle Family of Companies
1200 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 650
Portland OR 97209
P: 503.973.9202 | F: 503.345.1170
After-Hours Emergencies please call: (877) 824-5723 or (206)-215-9732


Tonquin Woods homeowners wishing to pay online, view the HOA calendar, or view documents in the Resource Center (governing documents, meeting minutes, etc.) may go to

Tonquin Woods homeowners are also members to the Villebois Community Center. Click here for information about the VCCA.