Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes

Officer Sarah McClurg of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office of Crime Prevention met with homeowners on January 12th to discuss ways to keep our homes and property safer.

She reminded attendees of many simple acts that help deter burglaries and then discussed the impact of creating neighborhood watch groups to further reduce crime.

Among the simple steps she outlined were: remembering to lock one’s car (80% of car theft occurs in unlocked vehicles), removing from one’s car any valuables, leaving porch lights on all night, and making sure doors and windows are always locked and secured.

She then presented an overview of the Neighborhood Watch program which began in the ‘60s — one of the most violent crime periods in our history. The program proved to be successful and reduced crime when citizens learned how to:

1. Look out for each other,

2. Better observe and recognize suspicious behavior, and

3. Take steps to report anything suspicious to the authorities.

At a result of this seminar and the practical information that was provided, several neighbors have decided to start Neighborhood Watch groups. You may be contacted by someone to join a small group that would include your nearby neighbors.  If you would like to start a group on your block, please send your name and address to Brad Finson at our management company,

Please check out the Website in the near future for more information about the Neighborhood Watch Program.

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