These rules about the Community Center Rooms are part of the Villebois Community Center and Pool Policies and Rules document available in full on the Governance page. (Revised June, 2017). Please read the general rules and these rules about the Fitness Room in full.

The VCC Fitness Room is for use ONLY by occupants, their immediate families, and guests of the following three HOAs — AVOA, Polygon at Villebois OA, and Tonquin Woods OA– which, in turn, make up the VCCA members.
Non-members are not allowed to use the Fitness Room.

Open seven (7) days a week.
Daily hours: 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


  1. Use equipment only for intended purposes
  2. Thirty-minute limit per station while others are waiting.
  3. No movement of Fitness Room equipment is allowed at any time without prior written authorization from the VCCA Board of Directors.
  4. No swimwear or bare feet permitted in the Fitness Room. People using the pool must dry off and change before using the Fitness Room.
  5. No glass or breakable objects in the Fitness Room.
  6. No consumption of food or alcohol in the Fitness Room.
  7. Do not exercise while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  8. Fitness Room users are responsible for knowing their own physical limitations.
  9. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of children that accompany them.

Fitness Room General Rules are subject to change.